February Meeting Minutes

Posted: February 28, 2020

Willoughby Eastlake School of Innovation
General Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2020
6:30 pm

In Attendance:
*Board Members: Stacey McGuigan (President), Kristen Werden (Treasurer), Silvia Mcclellan (Elementary VP), Sara Campbell (Secretary)

General Members: Judy Folckemer, Donna Fischer, Paul Garcia, Shannon Maine, Eric Wernet, Steve Atkins, Todd Crockett, Lisa Bilinkski

6:35 pm meeting called to order.

Presidents Report:

Busy Bees paint night was a success. About 11 kids total the first night and 40 the second night. We are hoping to work with them again. PTO absorbed some of the costs, $192, so parents did not have to pay as much up front. PTO also purchased pizza, snacks, and drinks for each event.
Valentines Parties went well. Donuts were purchased from Biagios for Middle and High School students. The students were very pleased.
PTO hired Donald Wayne Mcleod, who is a motivational speaker. He is coming to talk to the students this Friday (2/21). Cost was $2000. The goal was to have someone to talk to the kids during some of these trying times and changes that have been happening, inspiring them to “make lemonade out of lemons”. He will be talking to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders from 8:45am-10:45 am, then will talk to 3rd and 4th grade from 12:15 to 1:15 and will speak to 5th and 6th the last hour.
March 8th is our Family Bowling night from 3-5 pm. Tickets cost $10 and include two hours of bowling, shoes, food, drinks and tickets for the baskets that will be raffled. All ticket orders must be received by 2/25/2020. Please visit wesoipto.org for tickets.
Teacher requests that were approved:
Solar car project for 8th grade. Cost $683.63
Adaptive toys for 9th grade. Cost. TBD
We are hoping to have some of the students come in and talk about these things.

End of year party will be on May 8th at Daniels.

Vice President Report:

Elementary VP:

Teachers who want to request funds, please fill out google form and also send email to make aware there is a request pending.
PTO to provide snacks to students during testing.

Middle School VP:

No report

High School VP:

No report


Pastries for Parents will be held sometime at the end of March. Held over two days and will include all ages.
Request for materials for Fab Lab was granted.
A donation of $2000 from the old Washington School was given to SOI PTO.
$250 was spent on 9th grade short courses, such as a 1 time cooking class, karate, etc…
We were under budget for the Valentines Party.
Account balance for PTO is $42,375
We donated $300 to “A Book and a Bunny” for W/E preschool.
The book fair brought in a profit of $1400 which goes to the principals fund.

Principals Report:

No report

Committee Report:

No report

Other Business:

Dr. Atkins suggested to check out the new FB website for WE Levy. www.supportweschools.org

Upcoming Events:

Next PTO Meeting March 11th

Respectfully submitted by: Sara Campbell, Secretary.

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