January Meeting Minutes

Posted: January 14, 2020

January 8, 2020 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Brian Patrick, Kristen Werden, Stacey McGuigan
General Members in Attendance: Christina Alvord, Rachel Legerski, Katie Boerner, Libbie
Royko, Krissy Klouda, Jeff Folckemer, Judy Folckemer, Dawn Riffle, Paul Garcia, Joy Cross,
Daniel Somrack, David Somrack, Calvin Werden, Charlotte Riffle
Meeting Called to Order at 6:36pm
Welcome to everybody and Happy New Year

Presidents Report from Stacey McGuigan-
Community Outreach Committee did a great job with Cookies, Cocoa and Cards event on

12/13. Over 150 cards made between SOI, Longfellow, and Grant. The cards were delivered to
Heartland and Breckinridge by Brayden Campbell and his Dad. Leftover cookies from event
were taken to the Willoughby Fire Dept by Sara Campbell.
**We need to take more pictures at future events.
We are aware the In School Elementary Holiday Parties had some issues. We are working on a
solution so the Valentines Day Parties run smoother. We are grateful to all the parents who
volunteered their time and jumped in to help where needed.
The PTO will be sponsoring 2 Paint Nights thru Busy Bees. The Events will be held on Friday
1/24 and Friday 2/7 from 6-8 at SOI. All supplies will be provided along with pizza and drinks at
end of each event. The cost will be $15 per participant and we will be setting up the registration
link in the next few days. Siblings and parents are welcome to sign up as well
Family bowling is set for Sunday March 8th. Katie is working on the final details and tickets will
go on sale soon.
Please register to vote. Please ask others to register and reach out to college age students and
make sure they vote absentee if possible.
Elementary VPR - No Report
Middle School VP -
(Stacey McGuigan reported on behalf of Monika Mirsalis). The PTO purchased the Art To Go
Program for the 7th Grade in relation to their Greek studies. This is a new program that will
allow bring pieces of art into the school for the kids to get their hands on. Will check in for

High School VP- No Report

Treasurers Report from Kristen Werden-
Completed our 990 form for 2019. Discussed the various expenses from the past two months,

including the Elementary Drama Club, Elementary Holiday Parties and 9th Grade Career Day.
Please add the SOI PTO as your non profit on Amazon when making purchases. It’s a very
easy process. All paper receipts can be submitted to Kristen thru Dawn Igarashi for a quick
Principals Report from Brian Patrick -
SOI made over 500 letters for Veterans! They were sent overseas and to others, some even
retired. He showed off our new Spheros and our Mevo camera. He also mentioned we
purchased a lifetime subscription to minicam and much of this equipment will be used by Video
News and others working on media projects in the building.
Committee Reports -
Libbie Royko and Katie Boerner came to the meeting along with some 8th grade students
(Calvin Werden, Charlotte Riffle, Daniel Somrack) to discuss the Youth in Government Program
that took place at the end of November. They had some pictures from the trip up on the screen
and the students talked about their experience while there. They really liked the entire
experience. Willo Transport did a great job bussing. The hotel was great and the overall
experience was terrific.
Krissy Klouda spoke on behalf of the levy Committee. Help is needed in many areas. Getting
people registered to vote. Working at the South concession stand for different sporting events.
Working tables around the community to get people registered. Participating In Dine to Donate
Events and sharing all the flyers that are being posted on the FB page.
Next Meeting Wednesday February 12, 2020 at 6:30pm

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