October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Posted: November 09, 2019

Willoughby Eastlake School of Innovation
General Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2019
6:30 pm

In Attendance:
*Board Members: Stacey McGuigan (President), Kristen Werden (Treasurer), Silvia Mcclellan (Elementary VP), Monika Mirsalis (Middle School VP), Heather Valentino (High school VP) Sara Campbell (Secretary), Brian Patrick (Principal)

Attendance from Sign in sheet:
*Bill Boxler, Eric Wernet, Mark Becker, Christy Zeyer, Melissa Toppings, Bill Yirava Karen Yirava, Jean Marino, Diane and Ron Pennington, Krista Kanuch, Kelly Marsh Marsh, Rachel Legerski

6:31pm meeting called to order

President’s Report:
Spirit wear through Seasonal Sporting goods is up and running online. Link on wesoipto.org. Thank you to Ms. Mazi who took charge of this. There will be a flash sale 4x a year. First one just ended. You can put in an order anytime, however orders will only come in when the next “flash sale” is due.
Meetings and agendas will continue to be posted online. PTO meetings will continue to be held the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.
Fun Run- still working on final collection of pledges. There has been lots of suggestions from students, parents, teachers about ideas concerning next years Fun Run and the PTO will take all suggestions into account.
The 9th grade took a poll regarding Fun Run- they loved being outside, getting exercise, and feeling like part of the process in raising money. Some suggestions that they had was a bigger course and the possibility of designing the shirts next year.
BOO Breakfast coming up October 26th, 10am-12pm at Patterson’s. Cost is 7 dollars per ticket and can be purchased on the PTO website. Thank you to Jodi McCue who put this together.

Elementary VP: No report

Middle School VP: 8th Grade is selling pepperoni rolls for their youth and government.

High School VP: Meetings were held last week regarding committee chairs. Four people have volunteered to chair in school events, social events, community outreach, and volunteer. Their contact information will be posted on the website.
If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out.

Treasurer’s Report: Budget presented, seeking approval. FUN RUN raised $59,108.07. Fee was paid out of that to Boosterthon who helped “run” it. Stacey is trying to work with Boosterthon to see if they will be willing to lower their rate next year.
$20,000 will be allocated for VR equipment for SOI. Some other things listed as expenditures is school parties, Pi Day, teacher requests, Garden Box projects...Trying to turn a lot of the fun run money to the teachers and support their ideas. After all planned expenses, PTO should still have a remaining balance of approximately $30,000 taking us into the following year.
Motion to approve the budget. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

Principal’s Report:
Quarter is almost over. Emphasis in on literacy this year (district as a whole). We want our writing stamina to be up in all subject areas. Working on incorporating writing into everything.
Some issues with school pictures. Things are getting sorted out with our rep. Retake is being moved to Oct 21st.
After school Fab Lab program, thanks to Ms. Legerski. New program was initiated for 5th grade this month, and if it works well this month, she would like to roll it out to a different grade each month.
Looking to do a community outreach volunteer program. Pto, volunteers, and students will work together to help their community, along with other students in that same community. Wanting to work together within the communities in which students reside.
Athletic website is available through the School of Innovation website. If you have a 7th, 8th, or 9th grader, and you want more information about a sport, you can check out the website- it gives info for all 3 middle schools and both highschools regarding sports at the homeschools. We will look into posting this link to our PTO webpage.
Freshman can go to their homeschool for homecoming. Tickets will be sold at SOI.
Committee Report: In School Committee planning first holiday party for October 31st, 1pm-2:30 pm. Volunteers will be needed. More information to come.

Meeting adjourned at 6:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Sara Campbell, Secretary.

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